Daycare PLUS Program

Our Daycare PLUS program is designed for pups that needs a little extra support. Whether they have a select few fur-iends that they like to play with, prefer walk or toy time, or need a slower introduction before joining the larger daycare group, this program is for your pup!

Once your pup is enrolled in this program, we’ll evaluate them to determine the best mix of mentally and physically stimulating activities for them. If your pup is a little shy or anxious, or new to daycare and exuberant, we’ll customize a group of playmates that will set your pup up for success. We will even send you a quarterly report card, outlining their goals and progress to date!

Parents can also choose additional enrichment activities – fetch, nature walks, enrichment sessions – to enhance their pups day. Some pups will graduate out of our Daycare PLUS and into general daycare, others might just be happier to stay! Once we get to know your pup and their like/dislikes and if group time is appropriate, we’ll let you know the schedule of their day!

Who is a good fit?

  • Dogs who are new to Off The Leash or daycare in general
  • Exuberant adolescents
  • Shy/nervous dogs
  • Intact pups
  • Senior or medical issue
  • Any pup who may need a customized playgroup or slower introduction before joining the larger playgroup
  • Any pup who prefers human interaction over furry friends

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