Attleboro's first doggie daycare!


Where will my dog sleep at night?  
Your dog will be provided a 25 square foot room to sleep in at night. The rooms are spacious and allow your dog room to move around, and not feel too confined.
What will my dogs schedule be like?
Wake up at 6am for bathroom duty. At 7am everyone gets breakfast and an hour break to digest and relax. Then, it’s off to daycare where the doggies get lots of one on one attention with the staff and their fellow doggie buddies. At 5pm, its dinner, relaxing and digesting. About an hour later, the doggies have a bathroom, short romp around, and then it’s lights out!
Will my dog be playing in daycare all day? 
Yes! Your dog will be playing all day, draining lots of energy so they will sleep peacefully at night.
Can I bring my dogs bed or crate?
Absolutely! We ask that you bring any of the comforts from home here. If your dog feels comfortable in its crate, we say bring it!
Can I bring my dogs toys?
Yes, your dog can have toys, but only in their own personal room at night and during feeding breaks. We do not keep any hard plastic or raw hides in your dog’s room, but soft plush toys and rubber toys are welcome!
What will my dog do on Sundays when there isn’t daycare?
Sunday’s are special days for boarding dogs. They have the run of the place, playing all day in playroom!
Can my dogs sleep together in the same room? 
Absolutely! Unless other wise noted by moms and dads siblings will room together. They are supervised during feeding to ensure each dog gets their meal.
Should I bring my dogs food?
Yes, please bring your dogs food. Changing your dog’s diet can cause upset stomach, diarrhea, or even vomiting. In the event that you forget your dog’s food we do have food that we can provide. Our food is a very bland recipe in hopes to avoid any upset stomachs.
Can your staff give my dog its medications?
Our staff would be happy to administer any medications necessary free of charge.
What if my dog’s food/medications must be refrigerated?
We have a refrigerator at OTL in the case that your dogs medications or food must be kept cold.
Can I call and check in on my dog?
You can call as much as you like! You can also log onto the web cams to check in.
Is your facility climate controlled?
Yes our facility has heat in the winter and A/C in the summer!

This Months Features!

New Sunday Hours!
New Sunday Hours!

New Sunday hours pick up and drop off hours starting Sunday, January 8th: Drop-off (only) from 9am-10am Pick-up from 9am-10am AND from 2-4pm!

2016 Holiday Hours!
2016 Holiday Hours!

Christmas Eve: No daycare. Boarding drop off/pick-up 8am-12pm Christmas Day: Closed. Monday, December 26th: No Daycare. Boarding drop off/pick-up is from 8am-12pm New Year's Eve: No daycare. Boarding drop off/pick up 8am-12pm New Year's Day: Closed Monday, January 2nd: No daycare. Boarding drop off/ pick up is from 8am-12pm