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Winston arrived at our home in Providence seven years ago, a rescue dog of sorts from a kennel in New Hampshire where he had been living for months after the man who raised him fell and couldn’t care for him anymore. I found out later Winston had spent much of his first five years in the man’s cellar with two cats.    

“Wow, he’s a lot bigger than I thought,” I said. Strike One.      

“Nonsense,” my wife said, kneeling down to hug him.  “Welcome home.” She rubbed his side and kissed him on the forehead. He seemed to purr.    

Okay, I thought.  I grabbed his leash and tugged.  “Let’s try a walk, Winston.” He growled at me.    

Strike Two.    

There never was a Strike Three.  First, no animal – domestic or wild – has ever walked into Ann’s life and not found a home (Our last “pet” was a wild Carolina Dog we happened upon in an abandoned factory in North Carolina).  Second, Winston - despite the inital growl - turned out to be the most gentle and one of the most sensitive and intelligent dogs we have lived with the last 45 years.  By far, he is the most majestic.

In fact, Winston remains  today what used to be called  “A Babe Magnet.”  Hardly aday goes by when I walk him in the popular park near my home or along Blackstone Boulevard that – and it ofen happens multiple times - a female dog walker or jogger doesn’t stop, walk over and want to pat or hug him.  More than a dozen times, women have stopped their cars to come meet him.  “I’ve never seen a dog like this,” is the common comment. “What is he”?

Winston is a mix of Great Pyrenees and  Border Collie, though he’s as big as a Pyrenees, I say  

“Well, he’s beautful,” they say.

And he is.

This Months Features!

New Sunday Hours!
New Sunday Hours!

New Sunday hours pick up and drop off hours starting Sunday, January 8th: Drop-off (only) from 9am-10am Pick-up from 9am-10am AND from 2-4pm!

2016 Holiday Hours!
2016 Holiday Hours!

Christmas Eve: No daycare. Boarding drop off/pick-up 8am-12pm Christmas Day: Closed. Monday, December 26th: No Daycare. Boarding drop off/pick-up is from 8am-12pm New Year's Eve: No daycare. Boarding drop off/pick up 8am-12pm New Year's Day: Closed Monday, January 2nd: No daycare. Boarding drop off/ pick up is from 8am-12pm